Doggie Dash (

Walter and Scarlett have an idea of what to do with their lives but don’t have enough money to make their dreams a reality.  A chance meeting at Flo’s Diner allows Walter and Scarlett to combine their resources and open up a pet spa.

Not much to say about the plot except that it’s nice that Flo gets a cameo appearance.  There’s also a love story between Scarlett’s cat and Walter’s dog that will creep you out if you know about the birds and the bees.

The game play is that of a typical dash game.  You serve each pet trying to get them out before they run out of patience.  What you do is give them a bath, cut their fur and decorate them with ribbons.  You can also have them play before leaving, if you purchase the item and raise their happiness to five hearts.

Flo makes another cameo appearance with her dog Skillet.

This works to your advantage because pets will cheer up just by being near him.  In between levels, you purchase upgrades such as treats to make the game easier.  You can also pick between two decorations for whichever spa you are currently working at.  Getting the expert goal unlocks a third choice.  You have to reach the goal in order to advance but you can try for expert if you feel up to it.

The game is fun and addictive.  I give it 7 out of 10, the dash game for animal lovers.

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