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A new recruit is sent to the greatest outpost a human could ever be assigned to, Planet Stronghold.  Their decisions will shape the fate of humanity and the rest of the galaxy.

The game takes place in the future where humankind is at odds with every other alien race.  A king rules the humans and your job is to find the missing prince.  After that, you have to decide if you want to achieve galactic peace or conquer the galaxy.  You do have romance options, but you won’t have access to them until you make a decision.  Even then, they write it hastily together with side quests for every single character in order to get to know them better.  To me it just seems like info dumping about each one and who you romance has no effect on the plot whatsoever.

All it does is change a few lines in the epilogue.  In Loren, the romances slowly grow and connect to the plot while in this game they’re just there for the sake of having them.

When you start the game, you have a choice between a male and female character.  Which one you choose only affects whom you can romance.  You also have a choice between four classes: Soldier, Guardian, Scout, or Psionic.  The choices you make affect your relationship with the characters.  Every battle you win and every quest you complete will give you experience points.

When you level up, you have to choose how to distribute them.  You can also earn achievements based on what you do in the game.

The game is fun but doesn’t offer much in romance and character development.  I give it 8 out of 10, the story elements have a better use in Loren, but this one has better game play.

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  1. This is a good review, and makes me want to give this genre a look. Though these games are out of my field of expertise, I found the accompanying video an eye opener. I have often wondered how RPGs were transferred to PC format. Pete at I’m Not Dr Who aka angryjedi is very into RPGs and write terrific detailed blogs on them.
    Check out my mate Pete Davison’s blogs at – his game reviews are great. I warn you though that he has a broad range of blogs – from gripping creative writing works – check his Wasteland Diaries – music – and personal blogs. As he writes oneaday blogs they vary from day to day. But his site is very user friendly so you should find what you want there.
    He’s been writing reviews for online game mags for a long time now and is very witty, and articulate.

    I thought that would give you the link through but it doesn’t. I guess you’ll have to type it in yourself.

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