Cooking Academy 2: World Cuisine (

After graduating from the Cooking Academy, you sign up for a contest to learn cuisines from different countries.  The winner receives a million dollars to start their own restaurant.

Like the last game, there’s not much of a plot.  You go to different restaurants and make various dishes.  There are parts of certain recipes where you have to cut shapes from the dough, but in this one, the mouse takes the form of a dough cutter to give you a better idea of how to do so successfully.  There is also another mini-game added that allows you to get ingredients from the refrigerator.

Many of the steps in the recipes are like the ones in the old game with a twist.

This is definitely a fun game.  I give it 7 out of 10, like the first game with a revamp.

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  1. These games are ridiculously addicting. The question is, do I really learn how to cook?
    If you pile this things here, it magically becomes…. A salisbury steak!

    • Actually… you do learn. A bit 🙂 I love playing games that deal with cooking and I sometimes try recipes out of those games. If there are no recipes, I just try to think of what could be inside that nice-looking stuff and then do it. It’s inspiring 🙂 When I play delivering pizza or making cakes, I inevitably end up baking a home-made pizza or my own cakes just because those on the screen look so delish!

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