Delicious: Emily’s Tea Garden (

Emily dreams of having her own tea garden.  In order to get it, she has to work at various restaurants and remember to pay her bank loans.

This game might sound like a repeat of the first one but you couldn’t be more wrong.  There is a plot in this one, only instead of solving someone else’s problem Emily’s doing something for herself.  Along the way, she interacts with new people and makes some mistakes.  The one thing this plot shows about her is that when Emily wants something she works hard to get it.

The game play is just like the last one.  Customers walk into your shop and you give them what they want.  Some eat at the table while others order takeout.

You can purchase stuff from Francois to pretty up a restaurant you’re working at.

While playing, you not only unlock an entertainer and cleaner for each restaurant, you also get one-step closer to completing the tea garden.  The entertainer is unlocked through the story line while the cleaner just randomly appears after a certain amount of time, something I really don’t get.

The game is fun with a good storyline.  I give it 6 out of 10, doesn’t quite have everything that makes the Delicious series great but getting there.

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