Mystic Diary: Missing Pages (

Gustav once again tries to use the mystic diary to make him powerful.  This time he wants to become immortal and it’s up to Victor to stop him.

I thought this whole mess ended in the last game but I guess I was wrong.  In this one, we learn about the relationship between the two brothers, Victor and Gustav.  The former is a powerful magician while the latter is a brilliant scientist.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for Gustav so he was hooked on the mystic diary.  Victor doesn’t understand why his brother can’t be happy with his own talents and I get the feeling that their parents played favorites.

This game is hidden object and it shows.  You will be going from scene to scene collecting objects and using them in various locations.  Some scenes require you to play through the standard hidden object scenario in order to add new items to your inventory.

If you can find an item in those scenes or you’re not sure what it’s for just use the hint button that recharges over time.  As you progress through the game, you add a new note to Victor’s journal.

Fun, but works better as a spinoff.  I give it 4 out of 10, not necessary to play the first two games.

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