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After accepting a job, our unknown teenager has to solve another murder case.  With the help of his new allies, he’ll have to catch the killer.  He’s just not so sure if his allies can be trusted.

This game continues where the last one left off.  The protagonist who takes the alias Kangai thinks about life with his sister.  What I like about this scene is that instead of saying that it’s unusual for a teenage girl not to be interested in makeup and boys they call it what it is, a stereotype.  Another thing about this game is that not only are new characters introduced, the old characters return.

Detective Gurski acts as a mentor to Kangai and is suspicious of Aki.

It’s a refreshing change from the typical stupid cop who’s only there to make the protagonist look good.  Aki seems cheerful and outgoing yet isn’t entirely trustworthy.  Those are just two of the characters that make up the game.  If I described every one of them, I might as well be writing a book.  Though I will say one thing, this game has many female characters but so far, it looks like none of them are love interests.  As sfdebris once pointed out, when the creator adds women to the story, that’s often their role.

Unlike the last game, this one has three separate endings, five if you count the bad ones.  During the game, you ask different characters questions, investigate different areas and build up each character’s trust level.  It’s kind of like Phoenix Wright in a way.  You can either find the mysterious item or find the killer.  After you’ve done both, you can access the true ending.  When that’s completed, you get to view the epilogue.  I’d hate to give away spoilers but the way the true ending and epilogue play out, it’s obvious that the series isn’t over yet.

The game is intriguing and addictive.  I give it 8 out of 10, can’t wait for the next one.

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