Jisei (Sakevisual.com)

Requested by kristi78968.

An unknown teenager stops at a coffee shop trying to deal with the burden of his abilities.  Unfortunately, a murder just took place and he’s the prime suspect.

The game is a murder mystery with a detective, three suspects and a mysterious voice inside the protagonist’s head.  No, the protagonist is not crazy it’s a telepathy thing.  The three suspects each have a distinct personality.  Chance is your stereotypical dumb blonde, Miss Bergstrom is a dedicated company employee and Kizaki is a shy college student.

Detective Gurski suspects the protagonist, but is willing to give him a chance to clear his name.  Even when you solve the mystery, you unlock an even bigger one that just gives you more questions.

Like you’re typical visual novel, you have to make choices as the story goes.  In this game, you’re questioning suspects, exploring different areas and reporting everything to Detective Gurski.

As the story progresses your character takes notes of everything he’s discovered.

The choices you make influence how much the characters trust the protagonist.

In the end, you answer questions based on the evidence you’ve gathered.  Answer them correctly and you’ll solve the mystery.

It’s fun, but feels more like a prologue.  I give this game 7 out of 10; the next one shows more promise.

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