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Thanks to Emily’s cousin Marcello, her uncle Antonio has a huge debt to pay to Freddy Fries.  Now Emily has to help pay them off so her uncle can keep his establishments.

This one has more of a storyline than the first one did.  In the last game, it was because of Emily’s uncle that she was able to run restaurants in the first place.  Now she has to help him in return, but Emily’s not alone.  Marcello’s ex-girlfriend Nora’s there to help and so is Emily’s friend Francois.  Francois is an interior decorator, Emily’s loyal friend and my favorite character.  He helps Emily decorate her restaurants and occasionally cleans them up.

            The game play has some similarities to the first one with a few minor adjustments.  When you finish a level, you get $100 for decorating if you reached the minimum goal, $200 if you reach expert.  In each restaurant, you get an entertainer to help keep the customer’s mood up.  You also get a cleaner to clear tables for you.  Like the last game, the customers will either get their food to go or eat at the restaurant.

Certain actions will help you win trophies for the game.  After you’ve beaten the game, you can play the restaurant through the happy customer mode.  Each one has a scenario for you to complete and you can get extra points.

Good storyline and fun game play.  I give it 7 out of 10, better than the first.

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  1. God, do you have any idea how I just LOVE the series? It rocks!! It has everything – the story, the characters, the addicting gameplay, the colourful graphics, the mini games… awwww. Thanks for bringing the happy memories. Can’t wait for another part of this game to come out!

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