Bionic Heart (

Luke Black’s just a regular guy living in 2099 London, a world that’s constantly raining.  His fiancé of ten years, Helen, wants him to stop toying with her and tie the knot.  Later, a bionic being named Tanya comes to his home on the run from her creator.

This sounds like Catherine except set in a sci-fi world.  While the plots are similar, the game is nowhere near as great.  Vincent, Katherine and Catherine all seem to have their own hidden depths.  Vincent’s afraid of change but later realizes that change isn’t so bad.  Katherine wants to get married but there are hints that her parents are pressuring her.  Catherine seems like a fun loving girl but then you realize just how crazy she really is.  When Vincent is on the latter’s path and eventually chooses her, you get the feeling that his sanity is slipping.  The case is the same in this game; a normal guy is having trouble with his girlfriend when this mysterious woman pops into his life.  Helen just wants to get married, no explanation why.  At the start of the game, she gives an ultimatum not getting the hint that if a guy doesn’t marry you after ten years of engagement he probably never will.  No matter how badly you treat her, she doesn’t leave.  You know that Helen runs her own shop, but she seems to have no life outside of Luke.  Luke is equally guilty in this, because he led a woman on that eventually he would marry her even though he despises the idea.  Still, the fact that Helen sticks with this guy doesn’t say much about her.  Sometimes I wonder if women this pathetic secretly don’t want to get married.

Tanya has a psycho side and Luke never seems to get the hint that he needs to get rid of her.  I’m well aware of Tanya’s back-story, but it doesn’t make up for what she’s capable of.  One wrong move from Luke and Tanya does something psychotic.  Luke claims that Tanya’s kind and polite, but we don’t see that.  At least Vincent admits that Catherine’s trouble.  There are endings that involve Tanya showing exactly what she’s capable of.  Not to mention that Tanya’s life revolves around a man, much like Helen’s.  There’s another hint that as long as a man keeps Tanya under control she won’t go psycho.  It’s like a sci-fi Bewitched.

The only woman who has potential is Tina, and even she constantly hits on her partner Roby, who is revealed to be engaged.  I have no problem with women hitting on men, but I do have a problem with people hitting on someone who’s taken.

Luke also has a friend named Tom who’s just a perverted mouthpiece for Luke.

The game is a visual novel, so you just read the plot and make decisions.  The decisions you make affect the endings you get and your relationship with Helen, Tanya and Tom.  You can end up with Helen, Tanya or no one at all.

This game has a decent plot, but is a poor representation of men and women.  I give it 1 out of 10; I hope the sequel will be better.

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