Order Up!! Demo (Nintendo eShop)

A chef dreams of owning his or her own restaurant one day.  Unfortunately, all he or she can get is a job at a fast food joint.

In the tutorial, you have the choice between playing as a man or a woman.  During the first order, a guy who sounds like the pimply face kid on The Simpsons gives step-by-step instructions.  You cook food on the stove or in the fryer and make sure it doesn’t burn.  In the case of the stove, you have to turn over the food to cook both sides.  You also have to tear the leaves off lettuce, cut slices of tomatoes and fill up soda.  Make sure to get a good score so that the customer will give you a decent tip.

You can also do a quick play, where you have to handle three orders.  You basically do all the stuff you do in the tutorial; only after three orders, you’re done.  I don’t have a whole lot to say about this part.

It seems like a fun game, so I might purchase the full version.  Not sure if I actually will.

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