Cooking Academy 3: Recipe for Success

You’ve graduated from cooking school, won a million dollars and even started your own restaurant. So what’s next? Why, writing a book of course! In order to do so, you have to go back to school and learn some new recipes.

The characters are nothing special and the only memorable one is the French guy. You don’t even see what the character you play looks like or learn anything about their background, all you know is that he or she wants to cook. Therefore, it’s you; only instead of saving the world (like you’re usually doing in video games), you’re making food. Don’t worry; as will tell you, it’s much better than it sounds. No, the game doesn’t have a page on that website; I’m just not sure if I have the rights to say that. Well, that and the website has pretty much ruined my life.

Each section of the game has you focusing on a certain type of food with a list of recipes. There are a number of steps to complete each recipe and you even get to read a fact about the food you’re trying to make. After you’re done with all the recipes, you get to take a few exams. Don’t panic, you just have to do a certain mini-game and you can earn up to five stars based on how well you do it. That’s also how the game rewards you for how well you do a recipe. It’s like cooking except you don’t have to wash your hands after certain steps. In addition, you don’t feel gross after doing certain steps in recipes. There can be 5 steps or 15 depending on the recipe. You will also recognize some of the food, as I’m sure some of you have actually had it in real life.

This game is fun and addictive. I give it 7 out of 10; it’s like having your own virtual kitchen. A little warning, you might want to eat some of the food, so do not play if you are on a strict diet.

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