Vampire Saga: Break Out

A creature is loose in Hell Lock and it’s transforming the citizens into monsters. The only one who can stop it is a doctor who’s lost his daughter to that very creature.

I swear this is Big Fish Games own series of horror movies. It doesn’t matter if the first one was amazing; they just get worse with each passing game. At this point, there’s nothing even connecting it to the first two games. None of the characters are the same and there is no mention of previous events. They just stuck Vampire Saga on the game because they can. The plot is also very cheap and there is nothing great about the characters, they just exist.

The game play is the standard hidden object game, you go to scenes to collect different items and only get one. In this game, the pictures of what you need to get are around a certain object in the scene and you have to drag each item to each picture. When you’re done, you get a new item. You also have an unlimited number of hints and there will be backtracking in the game. Oh, and did I mention that you can use the items in your inventory to progress to different scenes?

The plot and characters are nothing special, but the game’s addictive. I give it 4 out of 10, not much that makes it very special.

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