Love and Order

Dana Larose has just gotten a job at the Crown Attorney’s Defense Office in Montreal. While organizing her desk, she discovers an unsolved case that intrigues her inquisitive mind. Can she solve it while helping her co-workers with their various cases?

In the game, there are four datable characters: Ross, Pierre, Jonathan and Dorothy. The only one who actually has a character is the last one, the rest are just there. The only thing that really separates the male characters is how they look. One of the characters has an extra storyline you can unlock through the game, but that’s it. Look, I get that these people aren’t real, but if you treat your characters like that you end up with crap. Either that or the game’s true target audience is people with a preference for girls.

During the game, you get tasks at various locations in order to solve the main mystery. Be careful, you never know when one of your co-workers will approach you and bombard you with tons of tasks. Don’t try to tell any of them that you’re busy or their relationship bar goes down. Oh, and if something’s broken and you don’t have a close enough relationship with any of the co-workers, you’re screwed. It’s like actually having a job. Seriously, it’s bad enough that I have to avoid people so I don’t have to do a bunch of chores I have to do; I don’t want to spend an entire game doing the exact same thing. You’d think the fact that you get to unlock some extra footage in the gallery would be worth it, but it’s not.

This game is stressful and the characters have the personality of toothpicks. I give this game 1 out of 10, not worth spending your money on.

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