Heart’s Medicine: Season 1

When Allison Heart has to help a doctor with a heart attack victim, she finds her life’s calling. Little does she know that working at the hospital is far more demanding than she thought it would be.

No, I have not changed my specialty from video games to TV shows. This game just happens to play out like a medical drama. You work with one doctor at a time, and each one has his or her own episode. Each episode has five shifts with an ongoing plot in each one. It felt like playing through House, only no sarcastic insults (with one exception) and far more optimism. In House, everyone stabs each other in the back. In this, when you jump to the worst conclusion, you turn out to be wrong. There’s also a love triangle between the main character and two other doctors. Not to mention that throughout the game, Allison evolves as a character.

During each level, you have to treat the patients that come in. Each practice has two mini-games that you have to beat in order to treat certain patients. Every time you beat the mini-games, you advance to the next level until you get to level five. You have to get the target score in order to advance to the next level, but you can try to reach the expert score in order to add more hearts. At the end of the level, you can visit the shop to purchase upgrades. You can also visit the trophy room to view the many trophies you will earn throughout the game. Not to mention that each level comes with an event that you have to play through in order to earn more points. Don’t forget to collect the guinea pig that hides in the room. In other words, the game play is very similar to the fourth Delicious game.

The story has an engaging plot and characters with a very fun game play. I give this game 8 out of 10, it’s Delicious meets House MD.

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