Coffee Rush

The evil Smokestack has opened his own chain of coffee shops, all with horrible and over priced coffee. To stop him, you must bring good coffee back to the world.

The whole plot sounds like a cheesy Saturday morning cartoon show and that’s exactly what it is. The characters try to stop Smokestack while he just strokes his beard and gloats. Personally, I don’t think you’re supposed to take the plot seriously. So, I’ll be forgiving of this for that reason. Also, Smokestacks is an overpriced coffee shop with bad coffee, sound familiar?

The game play is a mixture between match 3 and time management. Not only do you have to match three objects together, you have to serve each customer their order before time runs out. After the level, you can purchase all sorts of upgrades for your shop. Of course, in this game, not only do you have a set goal each level, you also have an expert goal to reach and a super goal. The higher goal you get, the more coins you have to purchase upgrades.

The plot’s cheesy (as it’s meant to be), but the game itself is addictive. I give this game 5 out of 10.

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