Campfire Legends: The Babysitter

The girls around the campfire return with a different tale.  This time it’s about a student who agrees to babysit for her university’s dean.  Little does she know that a lunatic watches her every move.

Like the last game, we have a standard horror movie plot and characters with the main one not suspecting a thing.  Only this one actually makes a little more sense than the last one does.  Though I don’t get how you can buy a house and not know that someone else is living in it.  The main character here is a college student hoping to get into med school.  That’s why she took this job in the first place.  What’s sad is that if she hadn’t been so ambitious none of this would’ve happened.  At the end of the game, you get a clue about who the girl telling the story really is and how she knows all this.

The game play is pretty much the same as its predecessor.  You look for items, and you don’t have to collect anything extra just to add only a few items to your inventory.  You also have five hints in the form of fireflies.  If you run out, you can just backtrack and collect some more.  If that’s not enough, after you beat the main game you can play in Haken’s Journal Mode.  What you do is collect different items in different locations, just like a true hidden object game.  When you’re finished, you receive a page from Haken’s journal explaining bits and pieces of the game’s back-story.  Trust me, totally worth the extra minutes of playing.

This game is both fun and chilling.  The ending scene does a better job as a cliffhanger than the last game did.  I give this game 8 out of 10, a perfect adaption of my favorite urban legend.

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