Special Enquiry Detail: Engaged to Kill

A killer is on the loose.  His target, young women about to get married.  It’s up to detectives Turino and Lamonte to catch the killer before more people die.

The plot, standard murder mystery stuff.  You got the false trails, the forensic science and the odd couple pair of detectives.  The killer especially loves leaving bibles at the scene of his crimes, highlighting passages that he thinks applies to his victims.  You also see how truly different Lamonte and Turino are, but they work well together side by side.  Turino is also not afraid to risk her life for the job, since she has no problem with using herself as bait.  I could just take the plot more seriously if it weren’t for the bad voice acting.

The game is hidden object and it shows.  Like many other games of this genre, you are collecting useless crap just to add a few items to your inventory.  You also get an unlimited number of hints that don’t really take that long to recharge.  You play a huge assortment of mini-games that you can skip after a certain amount of time if you’re having trouble with it.  You will do a bit of backtracking to get a few items you need to advance the plot.  You are also given a list of tasks to complete and a map to travel to different locations.  If that’s not enough, you can combine items in your inventory.

The game is a standard detective story/hidden object game, though I could have done without the voice acting.  I give this game 6 out of 10, not a bad waste of time.


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