The Fifth Gate

An evil witch traps a beautiful fairy.  In order to escape, she must tend the witch’s five gardens and fulfill whatever the witch desires.

Is it just me, or does that last line make it sound filthy?  Guess it’s just me.  Anyway, that plot is very cliché and relies entirely on the main character being dumber that a block of wood.  I mean, she’s making potions for this witch left and right and she could’ve easily knocked the witch out and escaped.  There’s also the matter with the villain just twitching her metaphorical mustache.  The only reason the witch is evil is because good is dumb, and every word out of her mouth is a cliché villain line.  Not to mention that any threat she makes she never carries out.  If you don’t meet her goal in the time she asks you to, all that happens is that you don’t get an expert score.  I have to say, for a ruthless villain, she sure is patient.

The game itself is actually very addictive.  Not only are you growing plants, you’re also making potions, killing bugs and you get to sell any potions or leftover flowers for money to upgrade various equipment.  The items are the can of water that you have to refill every day, the flower storage that you can upgrade to hold more, and you can even buy a fountain to fill your watering can with water during the day.  Later in the game, you even get to buy helper plants to make the game easier.  The witch will have various tasks for you to accomplish.  When you accomplish her goal, she gives you either upgrades or the gem to unlock the gate to the next garden.

While the plot is little more than an excuse for the game, the game itself is actually very fun.  I give this game 7 out of 10, not a bad way to waste your time.

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  1. Sounds interesting. Sometimes I like games that incorporate some fighting with crafting, even if they don’t have a whole lot of plot. I’ve never played a lot of Big Fish games, though. Maybe I’ll give it a try sometime.

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