Resident Evil: Revelations Demo

Jill Valentine awakens in a strange room separated from her partner, Parker.  While trying to find him, the monsters that roam the ship constantly attack Jill.  Will they survive this seafaring nightmare?

Okay, I have no knowledge whatsoever of Resident Evil mainly because when the game came out I was too young to play it.  Therefore, I had to consult Wikipedia for a bit of information so I don’t look like a complete moron in this review.  The sad thing is even after that, I still have no idea what I’m talking about, so just bear with me and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

One thing I can say about the game is that it did shock me a little bit.  Whenever I roamed the ship, monsters would come out of nowhere and they actually killed me a couple of times.  The fact that I had a tendency to confuse the x and y buttons just made it easier for them.  Well, that and I once thought the a button was the shoot button; wasted a perfectly good herb for that mistake.  Thankfully, you’re allowed to play the demo thirty times and I didn’t even need that many to complete it.

I really did enjoy the game play, even that one part with the touch screen.  I did like going through the two guns I found in the demo and there are even plants that you can use to heal the damage you take from the monsters, hence what I said earlier about accidentally using one.  Like every other game for the Nintendo 3DS, it also has a 3D effect.  However, you can change the strength of it so that it is either at its strongest or at its weakest.  This is good, because if the 3D’s too strong and I’m really tired, I tend to get headaches, so I took full advantage of that system.

The only character you get to play as is Jill Valentine and I have to say, so far, I like her.  She seems very tough and independent, and from what I read about her on Wikipedia, it doesn’t seem like she ever suffers from what TV tropes would call chickification.  At one point, I was afraid that she was going to be a damsel in distress, like I’ve seen far too much in video games, but I’m very happy to say that she surprised me.  In all reality, the only time she seems weak is when I’m controlling her during the game, and that’s my fault for being a newbie.

At this point, I usually give the game a rating, but I can’t rate a demo.  All I can say is whether or not I would play the whole game, and not only would I do so, I want to play every Resident Evil game ever made.

2 thoughts on “Resident Evil: Revelations Demo

  1. I’ve been meaning to download this demo and give it a try. Thanks for writing up your thoughts on it! I haven’t played an Resident Evil games, though I’ve watched someone play the Wii title, so it was cool to see another RE newbie’s take on the demo.

    • Thank you. Truthfully, I think the people who have played Resident Evil from the beginning are either in their thirties or they used to sneak M-rated video games past their parents, like a cousin of mine.

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